How to add dialogue in FNF Psych Engine ?


FNF Psych Engine is a Friday Night Funkin' game mod that adds new custom songs, characters and background images to the game. One of the key elements of the FNF Psych Engine is the presence of dialogue between the characters in the game, which play an important role in creating atmosphere and mood.

If you want to add your own dialogue to the FNF Psych Engine, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Create a text file

Create a new text file called "dialogues.txt" in the "PsychEngine" folder of your mod. This file will contain all the dialogue you want to add to the game.

Step 2: Write the dialogue

Open the "dialogues.txt" file and write the dialogue in the following format:

Where [characterX] is the name of the character who is speaking the dialogue and [dialogueX] is the phrase the character is speaking. For example:

Step 3: Save the file

Save the "dialogues.txt" file and close it.

Step 4: Download the mod

Launch the game and load your FNF Psych Engine mod. If you did everything right, then the added dialogues should appear in the game.